East Village Neighbourhood Association spooks up East Village with Hallow’s Eve in the Village: “Godric’s Hollow”! Tricks and treats from the wizarding world will make for an unforgettable Halloween experience for the whole family!

Join us at Calgary’s first European Style Harvest Market in two newly opened public spaces in East Village. Come down and discover the new developments and re-visit where Calgary first was founded over 140 years ago!

C-square on 7th Ave and Riverfront Lane SE
Riverwalk and Cross Roads along Confluence Way SE

This event will be taking place outdoors, which will include a collective tent of artisan vendors, individual tents of food and merchandise vendors, food trucks, muggle truck sale, beer garden and plenty of opportunity for visitors to go around and look into newly opened businesses in East Village.

Only 5000 entries are guaranteed per day of the event. All over visitors who miss the opportunity to purchase admission early will have to wait till the days of the event.